The Latest Tip to Spark Preschool Learning

By Kate Jerome

Want to tap into your preschooler’s natural curiosity to learn more?  The secret is giving just enough information to pique your little one’s interest!

A new study from Rutgers University found preschool kids are more likely to gather additional information about a topic if they know just enough about it to find it interesting, but not so much that it becomes boring.

Seems reasonable. No information and they might miss an interesting opportunity.  Too much info and their “need to know” appetite is squashed.

And novelty alone doesn’t seem to do the trick.

Pointing out there are huge, puffy white clouds in the sky may not impress your four-year-old.  But mentioning you can spot the shape of a horse in the sky may get her attention. And asking a question about how that cloud is moving might inspire her to want to learn a bit about the wind. At the very least, she will probably look for shapes in the clouds again the next time she’s looking at the sky.

Guided play can steer your child’s natural curiosity in the right direction. And being mindful of your role can make all the difference! Just sprinkling a little information into a conversation is enough to get a child thinking. So relax, you don’t have to be the expert on all things great and small…a little bit of knowledge (and a wee bit of patience) is all you need to light the fire of learning.

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