Grandma & me
Activity Kit

Connect with your grandchild in a fun and meaningful way.

No subscription required!

Develop Literacy Skills

Share Family History

Nurture Intergenerational Bonds

Little Bridges provides the tools…
you provide the love!

  • Develop your grandchild’s literacy and social-emotional skills
  • Encourage the lost art of conversation
  • Strengthen intergenerational connections

Research shows that these connections are mutually beneficial; contributing to both a child’s sense of self and an adult’s sense of purpose.

Love for Little Bridges

  • This is Aubrey's go-to book with her Grandma Judy. She loves the Secret Sauce recipe at the end of the story!

  • Josie loved doing the activities in the kit and I loved spending time with her to share our family stories.

  • My son was so proud to show me the handprint potholder that he made with his Grandmother Marie. I was so pleased they had such a great time together!