Grandma & me: Explore Outdoors

An activity kit that inspires creative outdoor play with Grandkids ages 4 and up.

Don’t just give a gift…give an “explore outdoors” experience!

Encourage a special grandmother/grandchild bond with an activity kit that makes outdoor play a delight! Exploring nature ignites curiosity, sparks conversations, and lays the foundation for memory-making moments. Start the adventure by reading together and personalizing the child-size backpack. Then fill it up with the kit's many included pieces (Magnifying glass! Paint pens! Solar prints!) and head outdoors to enjoy the fun activities in the keepsake Outdoor Activity Journal.

Grandmothers: A perfect gift for your grandchild to explore outdoors with you. Choose a different activity for every walk you take!

Parents:  Gift this kit to any child or grandma in your life to promote the interactions you most value between generations.

What's in the Kit: A nature storybook, 10x magnifying glass, solar print kit, drawstring backpack, Outdoor Activity Journal with dozens of fun and easy-to-do ideas, 3 fine-point paint pens, and sidewalk chalk.




Explore. Create. Connect.

What's in the Kit?

  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Read aloud storybook
  • 10x magnifying glass
  • Drawstring backpack
  • 3 fine-point paint pens
  • Sidewalk chalk
  • A one-of-a-kind Outdoor Activity Journal… with dozens of outdoor activity ideas!

Can I send this as a Gift?

Great idea! We make it easy to add a special  gift recipient message and address in the check-out process.